Soccer Game Keeper for Apple Watch

Soccer Game Keeper 3.2 is available on the App Store for Apple Watch ®! Now a TOP 20 Paid Sports App!

Version 3.2 has added a 6-minute and 12-minute timer option. Perfect for those U6 and U8 games. Now, spectators of all player ages can track the game.

Version 3.2 now has a stoppage time feature. If activated, after the countdown timer is finished, the timer starts to count up until stopped. This allows you to track how much time has elapsed after regular time.

SGK Soccer Game Keeper

Designed by a DFW area former youth soccer coach whose son plays in the Elite Club National League, the Soccer Game Keeper app for Apple Watch allows parents, coaches, referees, and spectators to track the game’s progress with the flick of a wrist.

It provides a simple-to-use interface that keeps the Home and Away score and a period timer as well as a Modular watch face complication.

The newest release 3.0, has removed the + and – buttons for increasing or decreasing the score. Now, you simply tap the score number to increase or the H or A to decrease.

In addition, you can activate the stoppage time function in settings. Once the period timer has finished counting down, it will start to count up. If the ref indicates 3 minutes stoppage time, you’ll know how much has elapsed so far.

The hardest part of using this app is remembering to use it.

Click the below link to view the user manual for SGK.

SGK User Manual

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